Should You Get a Shingle Roof? 6 Pros and Cons

Homeowners unfamiliar with roofing maintenance can be overwhelmed when they have to choose. Lots of options are available in shingle roofing depending on if you need asphalt for a cheaper option, wood for a classy look, or metal for durability and long-lasting effects.

Shingle roofing is popular for the aesthetics, ease of installation, and performance. When trying to decide if shingle roofing is right for you, remember the following pros and cons.

Construction worker putting the asphalt roofing (shingles) with nail gun on a large commercial apartment building development



Shingles, specifically asphalt shingles, are incredibly cheap. They are also easy to maintain and install, so if you are looking for a cheap, long time solution, asphalt shingles are excellent.

They are also lightweight and won’t weigh down the structural integrity of the house. These shingles could last for over 30 years and come with fantastic warranty options. You can further use many other protection options that can increase the lifespan even further.


There are many choices of colors, sizes, and looks for you to pick from. You can match it with your home, personalize the way you want. Wooden shingles are absolutely classy. If you don’t want to go for traditional wood, manufacturers also have options that mimic the look of wood and are gorgeous.

Saves Energy and Environment Friendly

Shingles can be upgraded with cool roof technology, which reduces the amount of heat taken in by the root. As a result, you will have a much lower energy bill to worry about. Besides, if your shingle is compliant with Energy Star standards, you can also get a rebate for being energy conscious.

If you are using wooden shingles, they are also environmentally friendly. Even the newer asphalt shingles are becoming reusable. They can be laid on top of the old ones and do not harm the environment.

Easy To Maintain

Shingle damages can be common, but you don’t have to worry about repairing the whole roof. You can get the damaged shingles fixed or replaced at a much lower price.

Fast and Easy Installation

Installation is easy and inexpensive when you are working with asphalt shingles.


Less Durable

Choose your shingle with care, because some materials like asphalt can get damaged by weather.

Not Suitable For Every Roofing Type

Just because you want a type of shingle does not mean you can get it. Asphalt shingles are suitable for a steeper roof. Metal is good for a flat or extremely steep roof.

Can Be Noisy

Metal shingles can be extremely noisy and not recommended for rain prone areas.


Metal and wooden shingles are costly, and they also have a high installation cost. Metal can also be complicated to repair. You will need to hire expert help.


Metal shingles are extremely heavy and not suitable for all structures.


Wooden shingles are highly flammable.

Undoubtedly, getting a shingle roof adds to the aesthetics of your house. So, weigh the associated pros and cons accurately to make an educated decision.