What Should You Do If Your Roof Was Hit by a Tree?

Trees are essential for the aesthetics and environment of your home. They are beautiful, offer a lot of shade, and protect the house from wind damage. However, trees can cause catastrophic damages to the roof if they fall. Mature trees can go unstable and weak from rot, infection, fungus, and lack of maintenance. If a tree hits your roof, here’s what you should do immediately.

Storm damage

Leave the Premises

The safety of your family is paramount. Trees on the roof can put enormous pressure on the house. Big ones can even collapse a home. Even small-sized chunks getting damaged and falling off can cause an injury. Get to a safe distance and call the experts to come and assess the situation. If someone needs immediate help, call emergency services.

Call Insurance

You need to start the process of documenting and investigation as soon as possible to recuperate from the financial damage. Call your insurance company promptly because they would want to inspect the circumstances and take a call on how to pay you.

Keep extensive documentation. Take photos, videos, the places, and things that were damaged. Before you proceed with roof repair, it is best to wait for the company to confirm your claim is being processed and that it covers the cost of what you are buying.

Prevent Accidents

It might not be possible in all scenarios, but if you have the time to assess the damage and are not in immediate danger, you should ensure a few things. First, make sure your gas meter is cut off. Such lines could be damaged in the fall, and a single electrical spark can ruin your home. The shut-off valve is by the meter. Use a wrench to turn to right a quarter of the way.

Damage Control

Professional roofing companies might need a little time to come for aid. Before they do, you should document everything in the home that has been damaged if it is safe for you to do so. You can also call the utility services to shut down the connection for water, gas, and electricity if you cannot access the damage directly.

Consult Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Your life will be difficult with financial obligations for months to come after such damage. You might need to pay a deductible after your insurance company has approved of the bill. It could range in the thousands. As a homeowner, you might not have read the policy till now, but you should do it to make sure you know what kind of damages you are expected to pay.

Don’t Pay The Contractor Until Delivery

Since your insurance will be paying for the bill, contractors should not ask for money beforehand. If the roof installation and repairs are too expensive and can last a long time, the contractors might want to be compensated partially. Before you begin working on repairs, formulate a contract, and understand your obligations. You should not pay until the repairs are done right.

Getting your roof hit by a tree can prove to be a big hassle, but following the proper measures at the right time could save you from big trouble.